Welcome to Shourya Cerebrum Hospital Pvt. Ltd., Darbhanga..........24hr Emergency Facilities available.

Distance From

1.Distance from Court- 2.5Km
2.Distance from Laheriasarai Tower- 2.8Km
3.Distance from Darbhanga Tower- 11Km
4.Distance from Darbhanga Station- 9Km
5.Distance from Thalwara Station-3Km
6.Distance from Hayaghat Station-15km
7.Distance from Laheriasarai Bus Stand- 2.3Km
8.Distance from Darbhanga Bus Stand- 13Km

Special Features

रविवार को नि:शुल्क ओ.पी.डी.(O.P.D.)

Bihar Swasthya Mission Yojana द्वारा संचालित Health Card से मरीज को ईलाज में 50% की छूट |

24 घंटे डॉक्टर, नर्स, वार्ड बॉय, बिजली, पानी, दवा का दुकान इत्यादि की व्यवस्था |

प्राइवेट एम्ब्युलेन्स की सुविधा |

रियायती कार्ड योजना |


1- 24 hrs Emergency(Any).

2- Gynaecological operation and management.

3- Major Surgery+General Surgery.

4- Any Operetion of Hbs Ag-Positive Patient.

5- Child General Treatment.

6- Medicine Pt Treatment.

Our Mission

Achieve Professional Excellence in delivering Quality care. Ensure care with Integrity and Ethics.Push frontiers of care through Research ...

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Latest Updates

Our Vision

To create a patient-centric, tertiary healthcare organization focused on non-intrusive quality care utilizing leading edge technology ...

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.Cyberknife VSI– Shourya recently became the proud home to Cyberknife VSI, Asia Pacific's first whole body robotic radio-surgery system for treatment of hitherto inoperable tumors.

.PET CT Scan– Shourya has installed the latest generation PET CT Scan machine to aid accurate diagnosis and treatment of a plethora of diseases. This makes Shourya the first hospital in Darbhanga...

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